Kasa Shramika Parisara Rakshaka – Waste Worker Sampangi Recounts the Challenges of Running a DWCC

RJ Usha recently visited the DWCC located at Kumaraswamy Layout which is owned by waste worker Sampangi. It was raining at the time and one could see many waste materials strewn around the centre. The establishment is a very small one, so its capacity is limited. Eight people populate the team here.
It has been one year and a month since the center started. “Every month, we have been told by the BBMP that we will get work orders and we can run the centre. But, only two months’ payment has been provided to us so far.” The condition at this DWCC is critical; today, workers are finding it difficult to afford even a kilo of rice.
City-based NGO, Hasirudala is helping to get the pending payments cleared. The organisation has also given the centre a loan worth one lakh with which they are managing daily expenses. The centre also goes for door-to-door dry waste collection. “Here again, the problem is of mixed waste and we are not able to clear the segregation process in one shot as the centre is very small. This leads to waste collection and bad smell builds up. During the rainy season, water collects around here as the roof is leaky.”
In an unfortunate incident, a group of rowdy persons attacked the team one day. Since then, neighboring residents have been helping them out by giving the centre their dry waste.

Listen in…

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