Kasa Shramika Parisara Rakshaka – Surviving at a DWCC Stuck in a Financial Crisis


Sadashivaiah and Satish are a father-son duo who work as operators in the Dry Waste Collection Centre (DWCC) located at Marappanapalya. In this episode, they tell us about the realities of working at this centre,  known for its state-of-the-art conveyor belt and other such facilities.

There are separate blocks within the DWCC to collect different kinds of waste materials, including plastic, metal, road waste, cardboard, paper, milk packets, etc, after segregation. This used to be a well-functioning DWCC until ten months ago when the BBMP faltered in its payments to the workers of the center. Loan EMIs, workers’ payments and payments to financers are still being held up as a result of this omission. The DWCC has, thus, slowly turned into a serious defaulter. Payment rotation is also a problem from the side of the wholesalers who purchase the dry waste, as they often are late in paying for the waste.

The financial situation is obviously affecting the workers’ livelihoods and their families severely. With many important roles like that of drivers at the DWCC becoming vacant, a domino effect of improper waste collection and the resulting escalation of complaints by the residents of the area to the area officials has begun.
The DWCC’s grievance with the BBMP is compounded by the inaction towards mixed waste being dumped in the neighbourhood, making dry waste collection difficult. Reject waste that comes to the DWCCs is often not collected by the BBMP, causing a pileup at these facilities. Apathy towards such issues has led to inefficiency building up among the demoralised workers.  Sadashivaiah and Satish echo the thoughts of all workers when they tell us that more attention towards the issues by the concerned authorities will help them work better to build a better city.

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Written by Anagha Bharadwaj.

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