Auto Rickshaw Driver Yogesh Talks About Feeling at Home at his Favourite Eateries

Yogesh has been riding an auto rickshaw for the past 13 years. “Today, our life situation has become critical. Ola and Uber travel services have made life easier for customers; they wait at their door-step and travel in AC vehicles,” he says.
Yogesh, however, continues to drive and in this episode, mentions the eating spots he loves and the food habits he has developed. He leaves home early in the morning, so breakfast, lunch and dinner are all had outside. “I think 90 per cent of auto drivers in the city search for places where there are no problems with the traffic police and no parking hassles. If an auto rickshaw is parked in the wrong spot, the driver is charged Rs 100 as fine,” he says. “We cannot afford to lose Rs 100 for Rs 30 worth of food!”
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So, auto drivers often flock near street food carts. One such place is behind the Central Jail in the Majestic area. The drivers eat in a relaxed way and then just move on from the stands here. Breakfast is priced at Rs 25 and lunch is Rs 30; thankfully, hygiene is always good too!

Yogesh heads to a Malleshwaram 18th Cross eatery for non-vegetarian food. They serve ragi ball, half-rice and one botti for Rs 55. Depending on how business has been, or when he is feeling celebratory, he will head to eat some non-veg food. “We get so much affection and caring at these eateries. We feel at home. Even when we don’t have money to pay on a day, they ask us to eat and pay the next day.”

 Listen in …



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