Lake Woes – The Disheartening Conditions of the Chikka Banavara, Mallasandra Gudde, Singapura and the Abbigere Lakes.

The Chikka Banavara Lake, Mallasandra Gudde Lake, Singapura and Abbigere Lakes are lakes of North-West Bangalore and belong to the Arkavati Series. The plight of the said lakes is similar to that of the Gubbalala, Thalaghattapura and Sompura lakes discussed in last week’s episode of #LakeDiaries. According to a Karnataka Legislature Committee Report, nearly one-fifth of the lake area in Bengaluru has been encroached and these lakes count under the same. In the case of the Mallaasandra Gudde Kere, a Corporation School, a BBMP office, and other structures have taken up the lakebed space. The Singapura Lake has faced the same from government and private entities. It is disheartening to see that beyond inaction, government bodies are also playing a part in the destruction of the lakes of Bengaluru.
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The release of toxic effluents and other waste is predominant in some of these lakes as well. The Abbigere lake suffers as the waste from the Balan Agra Fruits industry flows into it. Effluents from a nearby college affect the Chikka Banavara Lake. As the city expands, areas such as these are right in the face of urban development in the form of many buildings and apartments and all land that can be developed is used up. The Chikka Baanavara Lake, in fact, had the potential to be a beautiful bird sanctuary but lake space is being used for construction and dumping. In a complaint filed by the members of United Bengaluru, a clear concern regarding the dumped waste depleting the quality of air in the surroundings of the lake is mentioned. The air quality has, according to them, turned noxious and anybody who lives or even visits the area is a potential victim to its toxicity.
On this episode of #LakeDiaries, get the before and after pictures of these lakes. From clean water bodies teeming with life, they have turned toxic. This, unfortunately, represents the course of life of most lakes in the city owing to selfish human activities. Learn more about the condition of Bengaluru’s lakes and how we can take caution before it’s too late on Lake Diaries here:

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