Balya Amulya – Childline Against Child Marriage

It is disturbing to note that child marriage is still an evil doing its rounds in our society. Even cities like Bengaluru has occurrences of this crime and the recent episode of Balya Amulya shows us one such incident. The Childline receives complaints of violation of the rights of children. In this case, the Childline was contacted and an instance of child marriage was reported. Once the crew reached the venue, they weren’t even allowed to enter the wedding hall by the families and they went ahead with the wedding proceedings by force. The ugly truth in cases like these is that they are generally unhinged by anything because they are backed by influence; in this case, political influence. The Childline crew was not allowed to talk to the little girl for a long time and when they finally did, they found that the child was a school-dropout and was being married off against her will. The police, who initially even deterred from taking the complaint because of the pressure from the influential families, finally offered support after seeing how grave the situation was.

A change in the mindset that dictates that social evils can be covered up by influence is the need of the hour. The police too must not give in to this kind of pressure and work towards preserving the rights of children.

Listen in here:


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