Gender Jalebi with RJ Shruti Sharada – Neha Singh Talks About ‘Dohri Zindagi’ and its Revolutionary Commentary

Introducing Gender Jalebi!

Conversations about gender can be confounding. If you have found yourself going round and round trying to follow the discourse on the gender binary, fluidity, roles, pronouns, identity, and more, then this podcast series is for you! This is Gender Jalebi! Follow us as we speak with artists, professionals, thinkers, and folks who have been thinking, living and doing something about making sense of gender dynamics in society.

Gender Jalebi is a partnership with Radio Active CR 90.4 MHz, Sandbox Collective and The Ladies Finger. Aside from talking about gender in general, this series will explore themes that will be showcased at this year’s Gender Bender event.


Neha Singh is a theatre personality based in Mumbai. She speaks about her journey at Gender Bender two years ago where the play ‘Dohri Zindagi’ was first showcased. A loyal adaptation of Padma Shri Vijaydan Detha’s story, the musical presents a fascinatingly progressive story of gender expression, same-sex love, heterosexual expectations and societal rejection. The revolutionary commentary in the play proves that gender-bending is happening and gender expression is rejecting conventions in some of the most unexpected places in India.


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Written by Shruti Sharada.

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