Drug Addiction: The Causes May Vary, But the Losses can be Similarly Drastic

Drug dependency usually starts as a casual practice that gradually turns into an unbreakable habit. Even among children, actions like smelling cement, paint thinner, paint, kerosene, etc., can often be noticed; these can all develop into major addictions later in life as these substances provide a sense of happiness and relaxation when sniffed.
WhatsApp Image 2018-07-18 at 2.57.31 PM
Reasons for addiction vary and are subjective. It can stem from peer pressure, family examples, stress and tension, and the social culture one is immersed in. The adverse effects of addiction, however, can be similar. Addicts risk losing their comforts both at the personal and professional levels as their addictions spiral out of control.
Awareness camps organised by Government regularly reach out to students and inform them of the effects of drugs on human bodies. Treatment for addiction is available even at taluk-level hospitals. In this episode, Dr Girish warns against blind beliefs and black magic, commonly followed in rural areas when dealing with addiction cases.




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