Active Cooking: A Mango Juice That Can Be Whipped Up in Minutes!

37649907_10212392519916563_3542074501267193856_nBhagya is a homemaker and a cooking enthusiast. A multi-talented person, she also invests her time in tailoring and glass painting. “I learnt cooking from my mother. I experiment with new dishes learnt from my friends in an association of women where we share different cooking ideas amongst each other.”

This method of making sweet mango juice was thought up by her friend, Snehalatha. Bhagya believes that it’s better to make juices at home using fresh fruits rather than
drinking them outside. “They often contain artificial colours and preservatives which may cause health problems.”


1. Mango (Totapuri, halved and grated)
2. Cardamom Powder
3. Sugar


 Take one cup of the grated mango
 Put it in a mixer jar and add 2 cups of sugar
 Add 2 spoons of cardamom powder
 Grind the mixture well for 3-4 minutes
 Filter the mixture using a big sieve if necessary
 Store the mixture in the fridge

Once it’s all done, mix the pulp using water as per your need and serve this mouth-watering juice chilled. This juice can be prepared within minutes and served to guests.

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