Active Bangalore – We Need to Talk About the E-Waste in the City

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Arjun is a volunteer of the ‘Be Responsible’ community e-waste collection drive, an initiative taken up by SAHAS and N Site. In this episode, he speaks to us about the #ewaste campaign which was held in Koramangala 1st Block, 4th Block, and in S.T. Bed Layout.
“Awareness about e-waste is very important as most of us in #Bangalore don’t know much about it. As of now, e-waste is being disposed of and processed by the informal sector, like regular scrap dealers, for money. These dealers take apart a few of the metal parts and burn the remaining material, which is extremely harmful for the environment,” he says.
This is where the campaign steps in and tries to inform people of the dangers of thoughtless disposal – the members collect the waste and give it to E Parisara, which is maintained and run by the Karnataka State Pollution Control Board. The money thus generated is used for more campaigns. “Initially, people did not respond well enough, but today, after providing them information on the why, what and how, they have been coming forward and donating the waste.”
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Many electronic items contain chemicals like lead, cadmium, mercury and lithium. If these are not treated properly, they either go seep into water or into the soil. These chemicals are one of the primary reasons for the pollution of lakes in the city. If left unattended, the pollutants can reach the food chain.
This drive has covered many areas in Bengaluru and is planning to expand its work. In all, 160 volunteers have participated in this campaign.

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