Lunch Box Tales-Even the taste of food has changed in the 40 years that I have been driving.

Ramchandra is 63-years-old and has been riding an autorickshaw for the past 40 years. When he had started driving, the minimum charge was 50 paisa, and the per kilometer charge was 25 paisa. In 1977, he purchased his own autorickshaw and from then on, he has been driving his own vehicle. “For sometime in those years, I also worked for the tourist department, but I came back to auto driver work. I ride my auto depending on my need for money.” In cognizance of his age, he eats only his breakfast outside; for lunch, he comes back home, carefully choosing rides that lead him to his house.

When he was young, his favourite food place used to be located at Anand Roa circle. During those days, petrol used to cost INR 1 and 10 paisa. A whole auto could be bought for INR 17,000! “We can’t, of course, make comparisons to those days. We do not even get to relish that taste of food anymore. Those days are gone!”
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