Gender Jalebi with RJ Shruti Sharada and Lekha Naidu – Fighting Body Shaming by Being Your Self!

“I just remembered that when I was little, my parents had my teeth corrected with braces and I had laser surgery to correct my appalling eyesight a decade ago and I completely forgot about these major events in my life. Probably because neither of these had any say of mine. Anyway, in the spirit of full disclosure, I would be a completely different person without these two “corrections”.


Body shaming is weird. Sometimes it confronts you strongly, breathing down your neck, and sometimes, it plays the subtle game, making your hands and feet fidget in a panic that your body is not right, and your dress is so wrong! Lekha Naidu, a Bengaluru-based theatre practitioner, is no stranger to these feelings. In this podcast, she lays bare instances that made her feel conscious and moulded her personality in unexpected ways.


Gender Jalebi, true to its name, promises to be deliciously entertaining and fulfilling.

So get some chai, some deep-fried goodies, and settle down comfortably for some good ‘ol non-conformist conversations around gender.

This podcast will feature interviews and conversations over a diverse range of topics, with remarkable people from different walks of life.

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Listen in for more…


Written by Shruti Sharada.


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