Crescendo and Diminuendo in Poetry

The Leela Palace was the place to be the previous weekend with the third edition of the Bengaluru Poetry Festival happening there. To those of us who had been to the previous editions of the festival, it had been a year-long wait for this celebration of poetry! The brilliant lineup of artists drew so many people even to an early morning session that it was a packed house!


Aneesh Vidyashankar, who opened the show at this edition of the Bengaluru Poetry Festival was one of the performers the audience looked forward to watching the most. He is a famed ‘walking violinist’ and is known for his flawless violin skills and his gripping performances in which he interacts with the audience.


In an Interview with Radio Active, Aneesh spoke about the music-poetry connection and his time at the BPF. Aneesh believes that music and poetry go hand in hand and that music compliments poetry when used with it. He has been playing the violin ever since he was 3, has played professionally for around 20 years, and has performed more than 900 shows in various places. In his long career as an instrumentalist, and, as a poetry enthusiast, he has been able to combine the two to make his work very meaningful. To him, the dynamics in music, the scales, translates emotions and a combination of this and poetry is a moving piece of art.

As the opening act, Aneesh did not only leave the audience mesmerized but also set the tone for the two days of BPF that had the right dose of both poetry and music.

Written by Anagha TR and Catherine Shadap

Listen to the interview here:

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