Independence Day Special Show: Of Handlooms-Tracing the journey of Grama Seva Sangha

Independence Day Special Show, we had Shamala Devi, Mentor of Gram Seva Sangha,Krishna, Manager at Desi,, Abhilash  Grama Seva Karya darshi and Mallesh from ESG at studio to talk about Gram Seva Sangha.
WhatsApp Image 2018-08-14 at 4.44.28 PM
Gram Seva Sangha was started in 2015 by Banavala Satyagraha team after Madanvada Satyagraha. The intention was to give opportunities for villagers to connect directly with customers. Ragi Kanna on Bannerghatta road is the place where all eco friendly products are sold. Villagers who grow organic products and also produce cotton hand loom products gather at Ragi Kanna to sell their products and these products are purchased by people from city who visit the place and spend time understanding the concept . One can see good marketing value for products. All type of products are available here.
Desi handloom products are also sold at Ragi Kanna and manufactured at Shimoga District, Sagara Taluk in Bhimanakona. Charaka Mahila Vividesha Kaigarika Sahakara Sangha working from 25 years in this field  manufacture these materials and sends it to Desi. Desi takes care of marketing part. The money earned goes directly to Weaver’s and once in a year bonus is also given. Development fund is also provided to Weaver’s.
All over state 12 shops are there out of which 600 to 700 people are working and 70% are women from villages. All type of eco-friendly clothes from natural colours are produced. Colours are ntural and extracted from neem leaves, pomegranate, bettle nuts and so on. Workers don’t have any side effects as no chemicals are used. Only cloth bags are used to deliver the products.
Listen in for more…


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