Looking Back at the Chai Pakoda Session: Food, Laughter, Stories and Family Connections

It’s the rainy season, and to mark it, we had people coming over to the station and preparing their favourite rainy day recipes, especially the deep-fried ones! As they cooked, they also shared stories about their kitchen adventures. It was a kind of talk
The event brought on a food bonanza! We had specialities from West Bengal to favourites from closer home like Ambavade and Madurvade. Like in home kitchens, after every dish was prepared, we all came together and ate, while continuing the interaction with the cook. This interaction revealed how the dish was prepared and what the story behind it was.
WhatsApp Image 2018-08-15 at 7.39.04 PM (1)
And, of course, each dish did have a story! Every dish also was important to a particular family in unique ways. The participant who made the Bengal dishes said that they were special to her family as they were accessible, had grown up with them, and could usually be found at all parties. Her husband and children like them very much, too! So, each dish had an emotional attachment to it.
WhatsApp Image 2018-08-15 at 7.39.05 PM (1)
In the end, all participants were provided with Radio Active mementoes. It was great to engage with the people and the processes relating to food. Every time we talk to people and they share their stories with a certain type of food, it draws new dimensions. New dimensions and new meanings for the different type of foods.
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