Kasa Shramika Parisara Rakshaka: The Dire Consequences of Not Paying DWCC Workers

Krishna started his DWCC at Domlur, Ward Number 112, in 2012. In the initial days, he used to receive 300 to 400 kilos of waste at his center; this was including wet and rejected waste. He used to gather volunteers and other community members to conduct door-to-door awareness about waste segregation, following which he started receiving one tonne of waste altogether.


The center, which had been running successfully, is today facing multiple problems with payments. For the past 10 months, no salaries have been properly paid. The salaried staff includes drivers and waste segregators, and money is needed for the purchase of diesel for the collection vehicles. Krishna mentions in this interview that he has had positive interactions with the health inspector but still no payments have been received. If he stops work, then all the waste coming to the center will go directly to the landfills, which is not the right way.

Krishna has been sending materials for recycling as well. He says that if payments are provided properly then Bangalore city will be much cleaner. All DWCC centers are working regularly and preventing loads of waste from going to landfills, even without payments. “So, if payments are provided, the centers will work even better!”

If payments are not provided soon, they are ready to go on strike.

Listen in…

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