The Beatles Fever – Here, There, Everywhere – In conversation with Ajoy Bose

The story of The Beatles goes beyond their music. Their music no doubt was an experience like no other but they wanted to be pop stars and pretty faces. Ajoy Bose, the author of Across The Universe: The Beatles In India explains, “even as the world’s biggest pop stars, they were dissatisfied and frustrated, and as a result, they changed their music, their lyrics, and reinvented themselves.”

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Ajoy, as a teenager, experienced The Beatles’ music on the radio, tuning in to music stations as voices crackled and settled down. The simple love songs, the catchy tunes, and the members of a boy band having the time off their lives making music struck a chord with everybody and they grew up with it. This generation of music lovers is the luckiest since it witnessed the growth curve of the Beatles firsthand. The masters of comfort music charted a new path for themselves and took on the responsibility of making music for social change. Ajoy points out that the Indian connection, that his book examines in detail, was crucial to this shift. The journey that inspired songs like The Fool On The Hill went beyond their trip to India, and was in fact a three year long journey in which they discovered themselves. As a fan and as a researcher, Ajoy has seen the Beatles in two different views and according to him, the Beatles came to stand for change and hope; in the sixties when people were restless, wanted change and were questioning everything, the Beatles represented the same emotions of the people. They have inspired generations of musicians and fans, and continue to do so even now. Even today, Hey Jude is a playlist staple, and we can’t help but sing along to All You Need Is Love. 

Listen to the show here:

Written by Anagha TR

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