Nayonika Abhignanam – Understanding the ‘Silent Killer’ called Glaucoma

WhatsApp Image 2018-08-31 at 12.07.30

Glaucoma, often referred to as a ‘silent killer’, usually arises when too much pressure is exerted on the eyes. It is near impossible to identify it until it reaches a severe stage. Some of the symptoms include headaches and a constant feeling of something being stuck in the eyes.

The percentage of Glaucoma reported among people is relatively low, but when detected, it requires regular treatment for life. Usually, doctors prescribe eye drops for relief. People already suffering from other diseases like diabetes and hypertension should have a follow-up check-up for the eyes. Also, Glaucoma can be hereditary.

In this episode, RJ Padma Priya speaks with Dr. Surekha about the condition.

Listen in for more!

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