Active Health – Would you Consider Pledging for Eye Donation?

Eye donation is easily one of the best forms of donation there is. There is much greater awareness about eye donation nowadays because of which the number of people committing to it is rising by the day. But, the need for more donors remains.

Anyone can donate their eyes – no restrictions of age exist except when it comes to some specific diseases or conditions. Unlike other donations, eye donation is completed after the death of a person. There is often a misunderstanding that the complete eye is removed but the truth is that from the eye, only the cornea part is removed for transplantation. If a person had agreed to donate their eyes after death, the family members must take care of the donation immediately after the passing – the eyes must be kept closed, the deceased body must not be kept under a fan, and ice cubes must be placed on the eyes. The minimum duration to donate eyes after death is four to five hours.

WhatsApp Image 2018-09-01 at 6.17.26 PM

1919 is the number to contact for the donation of eyes after death. After donating, the eyes are stored for up to 15 days and transplanted according to need. No amount of money is provided to the donor’s family for donating the eye, or to the person receiving the same. Only a certificate is provided in the name of the donor.

About 1.2 percent of the population suffers from cornea blindness, so the donation of eyes is essential. Among children, malnutrition and injuries to the eye can cause multiple corneal problems. Other bodily donations entail many procedures and conditions – the blood group needs to be the same, the donor has to be a family member, and so on – but for eye donation, no such strictures exist and anyone can pledge to do it.
The use of spectacles is not an issue when it comes to the donation of the cornea. It is also a confidential procedure. Let’s all come together to pledge to donate our eyes!

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