Dr. Ajit Bhide’s Masterclass on Schizophrenia: Busting Taboos through Awareness

At Radio Active CR 90.4 MHz, we are of this belief that educating the youth about various mental disorders and conditions is very important in moving forward with positively handling the taboos around mental health. It is through awareness of such disorders that our perception and behaviour towards these disorders can change. With that thought in mind, we had organised a Masterclass on Schizophrenia, one of the most daunting mental disorders that many people today are grappling with.

40632388_231779874158114_7742907229514235904_nDr Ajit Bhide, the President of Indian Psychiatric Association, conducted a detailed class on the topic. He explained to the young undergraduate students in attendance everything about Schizophrenia, from the prevalence to the cause and treatments that are most effective at the present psychiatric facilities.

Dr. Bhide’s session was insightful and the students who had attended this session took back with them more than what they had come expecting. Many asked questions, and cleared off any doubts and misconceptions that they had had about the disorder.
Towards the end of the session, all the students along with Dr. Bhide came together for a photo-session and some tea and biscuits.

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