Behind the Label: A Radio Drama on Domestic Abuse Affecting Garment Workers

In this episode of Behind the Label, we feature a short radio drama from the book, ‘Najuku Bateya Hindae Namma Baduku’.


This drama tackles the issue of domestic abuse that garment workers face with disturbing frequency. In the narrative, a garment worker is shown to be suffering everyday beatings from her husband. On days when she is forced to do overtime at the factory and reaches home late, her husband gets suspicious and questions her with whom she had gone out for this long. She had been suffering for long in silence when one day, one of the leaders at the factory asks her the reason for her sadness. She breaks down and shares her problem. The leader and other garment workers visit her home and warn her husband that if he continues to abuse her, a police complaint will be lodged against him.

This awareness-building effort is being led by Cividep India. Cividep India attempts to empower workers and communities and to ensure that businesses comply with human and labour rights and environmental standards.

Listen in for more…

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