Kasa Shramika Parisara Rakshaka – Waste Worker Aliyamma’s Long Fight for Pension

Aliyamma is a 70-year-old waste picker who has for long been waiting for her pension to come through. Her struggle to receive the money has been on for the past seven years; in spite of having submitted all the required documents, her application has so far been rejected. The authorities are making her run around to different offices asking her to gather some information or the other without adequate explanation. Meanwhile, she continues to stay in Chilakalasandra, where around 30 families are currently staying in huts. 40683750_204418013603200_3445315373488930816_nThere is no water or electricity supply in the area, and the place is located beside a big open drainage spot. Rains bring havoc to this place as a result of this. The families here have come from Tamil Nadu and the members are involved in waste work. For one day, Aliyamma earns Rs 50 to Rs 100. She stays with her son but she still has to earn her own bread and butter. NGO Hasirudala is helping her to receive the pension she deserves.


Listen in for more…

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