Chigurida Badaku – Single-dose ARTs can cause Kidney Troubles, but the Alternatives are Expensive


In this episode of Chigurida Badaku, Shantala and Puttanna speak about the problems plaguing ART centers with RJ Radha. PLHIV are faced with serious physiological problems as a result of consuming TLE tablets, which are fixed-dose combination drugs taken once every 24 hours – they have shown to create kidney problems. There is a need for the Government to provide Abacavir tablets free at ART centers but unfortunately, that is not happening. So, patients struggling with kidney problems are forced to purchase them from pharmacies.

The resultant financial burden is immense – with a bill, these tablets cost more than Rs 1,000, and without a bill, it comes to Rs 800. Not everyone can afford this expense. At the Victoria ART center alone, there are 50 PLHIV people receiving critical services. Here, the chances of drop out cases are high because patients are aware that the ART tablets have side effects.

It is the KSAPS’ responsibility to provide alternatives, and when asked, the members mention a time period of 15 days to make those tablets available.

Listen in for more!

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