Active Cooking: Unexpected Guests? Fry Up These Crispy Masala Vadas!

In this episode,  Jeeva from Srirampura shares with us a fond recipe. A mother of 2, she works as an attender in one of the city’s colleges. Masala Vada is a family favourite that she learned from her mother.
RJ Priyanka Jeeva


Jeeva usually prepares this dish as an evening snack for her family and even when a guest arrives unexpectedly, this is a quick and tasty snack that you can whip up! Jeeva also keeps trying new recipes whenever free. During the rainy season, she makes deep-fried snack items more frequently, as it fits the season’s cravings perfectly!

Halasindae Kal
Coriander Leaves
Pudina Leaves
First, Jeeva soaks the Halasindae Kal in water overnight. The following morning, it needs to be ground to a fine paste.
It is then mixed with chopped chilies, onions, coriander leaves, pudina leaves, and salt.
This paste is then moulded into small balls and deep-fried in oil. The Vadas are ready!

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