Eco Talk with Sandeep Anirudhan: The Pattandur Agrahara Lake is in Dire Straits

41848063_2229911480578484_1962677548919816192_nIn this episode of Eco Talk, RJ Vijaya is in conversation with Sandeep Anirudhan about the Pattandur Agrahara Lake located in the heart of old Whitefield. BBMP had suddenly wanted to widen the road beside the lake and chopped all trees beside it in preparation. Most people staying in the surrounding areas weren’t even aware that a lake existed in their vicinity. After cross-checking relevant documents, they staged a protest to save the lake and stop the road-widening activity. On a single day, close to 3,000 people gathered to protest and their effort was successful.

The Pattandur Agrahara Village area is officially divided between three ward areas – Kadugodi, Hoodi, and Gaduchar Palya, and the 3,000 protesters made sure to question all the related officers.

The current situation of the lake is dire. Construction debris and waste are being dumped in the water here. Many people have bought fake permissions over the years and been allowed to own the complete lake area. Sandeep believes that if all such illegal activities are stopped then, in two years, this area can be redeveloped into a beautiful lake.

Listen in for more…

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