Observe, Engage, Support – World Suicide Prevention Day

In this episode of Mano Charchae, RJ Padma Priya is in conversation with Dr. Chandrashekhar about World Suicide Prevention Day. This year’s theme is – ‘Working Together to Prevent Suicide’. Seeking support and talking about suicidal feelings is critical in preventing it.

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As per Vishwa Arogya Sameekshae, all over the world, around one lakh people lose their lives to suicide every year. In Bengaluru alone, around 3,000 people die of suicide every year. The number of people attempting suicides is rising every day and the most vulnerable age group is 25 years and above. “It is our responsibility to share awareness information and help people who are contemplating taking their lives.”

Talking about how one can gauge if someone is thinking suicidal thoughts, the doctor mentions paying close attention to their words and descriptions of life situations. Events like a loss in business, family fights, and exam failure tend to make people feel like there is no hope in life. We must look out for phrases like, “I am tired of this life”, “I can’t manage this life”, and more. Also, we must observe their day-to-day activities and take note of any sudden changes – if they have stopped being happy, are not sleeping well and have developed any addictions. Some people with suicidal thoughts may donate all their belongings suddenly and start showing no interest in anything.

Media can play an important role in helping build sensitivity around the topic of suicide. The WHO has bought forth some rules that need to be followed when telecasting news of such deaths. No media should highlight suicide cases again and again because this can trigger the minds of people who are already struggling with depression. The identity of the person who has died of suicide should remain hidden and headlines should not sensationalise such news.

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