Hope: RJ Santosh Avvannavar and Sachin Kodagali Break Down the Life of a Software Tester

Sachin Kodagali is an IT Professional and has over 14 years of experience in Software Testing and Quality Engineering. The IT Industry is going through a phase which demands a software tester to test at a rapid pace, while ensuring good quality; to do so they have to use the latest tools and technologies (Automation, Performance testing, etc.). Sachin is also the author of a book called “BUGman” which highlights how testers work in their daily lives. The work tells the tale of 2 software testers, their perspective about testing, their views on their boss, and more. It also gives a sneak peek into how interviews are conducted and the expectations set by organisations, among other things.

Sachin feels that a tester’s career is very rewarding as s/he has to “break a product and then make it”. They also are the ones who simulate customer scenarios. Sachin feels that freshers can opt for testing roles, but should be ready to challenge themselves by learning new programming languages (Python, Java) and also adapt to Machine Learning, AI skills in their daily work.

Listen in…



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