Active Cooking: Azeema’s Famed Erakai Crispy Bajjis

azeemas-vijay.pngIn this episode, Azeema shares her love for cooking. She is the wife of RJ Mansoor of Radio Active, who also runs a dry waste collection centre (DWCC). Azeema is a housewife who loves living an active life. In her free time, she even helps her husband at the DWCC and also makes some time to try a variety of food items.

Azeema’s cooking style is very different and, needless to say, very good! Born and brought up in Bangalore, she learnt cooking from her mother. When her mother would be away at work, she would experiment with recipes, a habit that has stayed with her till date. In this episode, she shares the recipe to her famed Erakai Crispy Bajjis.


Rice flour
Kadalae Hittu
Turmeric Powder

First, Azeema chops up the Erakai into thin long pieces. She then mixes the rice flour, Kadalae Hittu, turmeric powder and salt with water and makes a fine paste. Following which she dips the Erakai pieces in the paste and deep fries them. The Crispy Bajjis are ready to be served!

Listen in for more…

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