Mukha Mukhi with Kalappa: “I Prefer Clean Street Food Served with Love”

Kalappa has been staying in Bangalore for the past 35 years and has been driving an auto-rickshaw for the past 20. Having come from a family that lived below the poverty line, he has undergone many struggles in life and has come to believe that serving people is important, especially women during their pregnancy. He makes it a point to help anyone in an emergency situation and responds to phone calls at any time of the day.


In this episode, Kalappa provides us a few glimpses into his life, especially his meals. “I don’t have any favourite food spots really, but I do prefer to eat where ever it’s clean and tidy. We can’t go to the big eateries as they charge close to INR 50 with tax, but the same breakfast can be had for around INR 30 to 35 at a street-side food-seller. Many people may say that the food there is not clean and that one should not eat there, but the reality is quite different. The food here is prepared in front of you and is served with love.” For INR 35, one can get two idlis and sambar or chutney; for lunch, ragi ball, rice, sambar, pappadam, rasam, subji and pickle can be had for close to INR 35 to 40.

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