Active Cooking: Make Your Evening Snack Time Special with these Maddur Vadae

Nadiya & RJ VijayaNadeeya hails from Srirampura and works as a cleaner at a branch of Jain University. Her mornings tend to be busy, so she doesn’t get time to experiment with her cooking early in the day. So, usually, she ends up cooking a delicious variety of food items for her family in the evenings. Her family and she are big fans of vegetarian food, but on Sundays, she prepares non-vegetarian fare for her children.

In this episode of #ActiveCooking, Nadeeya shares with us her recipe for Maddur Vadae, a dish she learned to cook from her colleagues.


Peanuts, Rice Flour, Rava, Chillies, Maida, Onion, Oil and Salt.

First, grind the peanuts and chillies. Mix together the Rava, Maida, Onion, two spoons of oil and some water, and the ground mixture. Make the paste thicker and then make small balls out of it. Once you have achieved the desired shape, deep fry the dough in hot oil. Serve with your favourite chutney!

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