Chigurida Badaku-Accessing KC General Hospital’s ART Centre

In this episode, RJ Radha is in conversation with Puttana, who speaks in detail about the K C General ART Center. The center’s current situation and urgent requirements from KSAPS are highlighted here. Like the other centers, here too people have been receiving single tablets and there is a pressing need for Abacaviral tablets as the single-dose medication has been linked to kidney problems.
The PLHIV who started their treatment with ART tablets need to get a viral load test done weekly. About 10 to 15 members are selected for viral load test a day. If the viral load is above 1000 then they are sent for second line ART counselling at Bowring Hospital. Before this visit, the people are to be given a month’s time during which they have to try to bring down the viral count. After this one month, the viral load is checked again and if the count is still high, then the counselling procedure must begin. A follow-up then needs to happen at the K C General ART center.
Earlier, the ART center at K C General Hospital used to be situated in an isolated spot, but it was later shifted to a place which everyone can access. Because of this, PLHIV patients have often been feeling a sense of nervousness at being spotted by other people and them discovering their positive status. Which is why they are now requesting that the center be shifted back to the same old place. K C General Hospital is known for its timely tests and results, so it is a valuable space for the PLHIV.

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