Nayonika Abhignanam: Always Working in Front of a Screen? Beware of The Computer Syndrome

In this episode of Nayonika Abhignanam, RJ Padma Priya is in conversation with Dr Surekha about ‘computer syndrome’. Today’s lifestyle is heavily dependent on computers, laptops, mobile phones and other screen-based equipment, no matter what the age. Many people, as a result, complain about health issues, especially eye problems. Dr. Surekha mentions the use of electronic gadgets at schools where after std. V, children are supposed to carry electronic note pads now. “They teach them online. If this continues, children will definitely face eye problems in the future.”

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Even elders and senior citizens have been facing eye problems because of excessive use of phones and laptops. The ‘Computer Syndrome’ causes irritation in the eyes, watery eyes, headaches when one looks at a screen, and blurred vision. One has keep several things in mind while using computers, like distance between the person and the screen, type of chair being used, lighting systems around, and overall lighting in the room as well. If one needs to work many hours on a computer, then one can consult a doctor and purchase anti-glare spectacles which will help protect the eyes from future problems. Also, one should not neglect symptoms like dry eyes, irritation, and shoulder pain. These can gradually turn into serious issues and reduce the vision.

We also must keep an alarm for every twenty minutes and take breaks from looking at the laptop screen. As work loads are usually high, most people won’t be able to do this as often, so it is advised that a break every two hours be considered. This is because if we keep looking at screens, objects closer to our eyes, then only the nerves related to short sight keep working and the long sight nerves will slowly waste away.

Often, people work at night by switching off the lights around them; this is also a a bad habit and is very dangerous for the eyes. Too much of light, too, can affect the eyes. Air from air-conditioners directly hitting the eyes can also be dangerous. Blinking regularly is very good for the eyes while working on laptops. Home remedies, however, are not suitable for eye-related issues. One must visit specialists.

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