Kasa Shramika Parisara Rakshaka: Subamma’s Mighty Struggle to Run a DWCC

In this episode of #KasaShramikaParisaraRakshaka, Subamma talks about the challenges in the way of running a Dry Waste Collection Centre (DWCC). Earlier, she had taken care of a centre located at Kamlanagara for seven years but the health inspector had then assigned the center to others by raising complaints of foul smell and improper segregation of waste. “There, people were supportive and would give waste for segregation through the door-to-door waste collection process.” She also mentions that Rs 3,00,000 is owed to her by the centre.

43104979_2036364006431237_4774627233572585472_n (1)

Today, she has taken over a DWCC at Nandini Layout. Here, only one apartment’s waste comes through for segregation and that too is of low weight; no door-to-door waste collection is happening at this centre. Food waste is also often mixed with the other waste. People from the vicinity have also been complaining that the dry waste centre should be moved. Recently, a few people even set the centre on fire, and now waste items like ‘Kurkure’ packets and used mattresses can be seen lying around the centre. The future of the DWCC remains uncertain.

Listen in for more…

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