Ganeteya Dudimegagi Navu Manushyaru: Rani Works to Empower Sex Workers

In this episode of Ganeteya Dudimegagi Navu Manushyaru, RJ Radha speaks with Rani. Rani works as an outreach worker at the NGO Swathi Manae. She talks about the journey that led her to shifting to Bangalore and joining Swathi Manae.


Rani lived in a household with four siblings and joined a garments factory to tide over difficulties. She got married to a man and after facing harassment from her in-laws, chose to leave and live separately with her husband. Later, she got pregnant and delivered a baby girl, which brought the family back together into a happy unit.
Rani’s husband has been willing to shoulder very few responsibilities with regards to the family, which forced her to look for a job. Through a friend, she visited Swathi Manae and after knowing all about them, she decided to work as an outreach worker. As part of the work, she was briefed on all concepts of sex work and was made responsible for getting sex workers to open savings accounts and maintain workplace hygiene.
In this conversation, Rani mentions the example of a woman who runs a brothel at her own house. Her son’s family stays on the first floor of the building and her married daughter is involved in the work.
Rani’s work helps fulfil her responsibilities towards her family and her need to do social service for the benefit of sex workers. She has guided these women  in legal issues, family settlements and in matters of health.

Listen in for more…

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