Behind the Label: A Radio Drama on the Leave Policies Benefitting Garment Workers

In this episode of Behind The Label, Geetha, a garment worker, talks about the time her mother was unwell and she had taken one week’s leave from work. Following that period, she had been forced to take two more days’ leave. The day she was supposed to go back to work she was worried about the factory authorities’ reactions. So, she decided to go to another factory instead.

WhatsApp Image 2018-08-31 at 6.40.26 PM

Meanwhile, Sheela came in, and aware of Geetha’s predicament, mentioned to her the ESI facility available to workers and told her that she should have applied for an ESI leave. Sheela also mentioned that no one can remove you from your role for having taken one week’s leave. So, Geetha returned to the factory hopeful and more positive. When her senior said to her to not come back to work, Geetha raised her voice and spoke about ESI leaves. After that, no one spoke ill to her and instead told her to go back to work.

This awareness-building effort is being led by Cividep India. Cividep India attempts to empower workers and communities and to ensure that businesses comply with human and labour rights and environmental standards.

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