Ghaneteya Dudimegagi Navu Manushyaru – Vijaya Mahila Sangha Helps Sex Workers and Families Live Violence-Free

In this episode of #GhaneteyaDudimegagiNavuManushyaru, Geetha, the head and founder of Vijaya Mahila Sangha, shares stories of violence against women who are sex workers. She highlights the patterns of this violence and how the organisation helps the affected women fight the cases.


Geetha recounts the story of a lady who got married early in life but tragically lost her husband soon after. Her children and she received little support from their families after the death, so to support her household, she took up sex work. One day, a person from the area where she was leaving in propositioned her and expressed a wish to stay with her. They started a relationship while she continued her sex work. One day, when her partner was slated to travel out of the city, she invited a client home; unexpectedly, her partner came back home at the same time. The couple got into a fight and he hit her abdomen so badly that she lost consciousness. For two days, no one came to check on her and on the third day, one of her friends finally came to visit. She took her to the hospital but on the way, she passed away. Geetha helped the deceased woman’s children received some property from the partner and she had him put behind bars.

In another case, a woman was burnt to death by her partner and VMS made sure that her children received some property from the culprit to be able to lead a decent life. Geetha mentions how women who are sex workers have approached VMS and revealed how having undergone violence from the police, clients as well as their partners. There have been a few cases of clients taking women to lodges and killing them there. VMS has fought many such cases and helped the women and/or their children to lead a violence-free life.

Listen in for more…

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