Geetha, Sachin and Henrich Chat with RJ Santosh Avvannavar: City’s IT Employees Can Help Ease Traffic Woes

WhatsApp Image 2018-07-02 at 21.20.47

When it comes to Bengaluru, unrelenting traffic congestion remains one of the most-debated topics. IT professionals, like many others in the city, travel about 3-4 hours a day on an average. During this time on the road, they tend to spend quality time with their colleagues, learning new things, or listening to music. A few even catch up on some sleep.

In huge urban cities like Bengaluru, where the number of people rises multifold every year, traffic rules need to be followed religiously – lane discipline should be maintained always, the government should bring about initiatives that encourage public to carpool and go for options like Quick Ride, etc.

People should start using public commute options, like the Metro rail services. IT professionals should also start planning their start and end times, to and fro office appropriately and all companies and tech parks should help them in this regard. This would help save precious time and allow the employees to spend that with their family/friends.

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