Nayonika Abhignanam – Keep an Eye Out for Sight Problems in Children

WhatsApp Image 2018-09-25 at 12.39.50 PMIn this episode, RJ Padma Priya and Dr. Surekha highlight the facts related to eye problems commonly noticed in children and also how to rectify them and maintain good eye health.

Problems that occur from the time of birth to 14 years of age are considered childhood eye problems. Lack of proper nutrition is the main problem here, which can, in fact, start in utero. After birth, vitamin deficiencies, cataract trouble, and a few other conditions can be noticed in children. A few tests during the pregnancy can help spot these troubles. Premature babies carry higher chances of eye problems, and if the delivery happens at home, then an eye check-up must be done for the babies as soon as possible. If parents have any problems, the chances of children getting the same are significant. Available solutions must be embraced by the parents. Among children, long-sightedness and short-sightedness is common, so corrective spectacles must be used and not be ignored thinking that children can’t handle spectacles.


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