Active Cooking: Usha Makes a Nutritious Spicy Drumstick Leaves Sambar

In this episode of Active Cooking, Usha shares the recipe for a very nutritious Drumstick Leaves Sambar. At least once a month, she makes a variety of dishes with drumsticks as they are very good for health.


Drumstick leaves
Four tomatoes
Toor dal

Firstly, pressure-cook the toor dal, tomato and garlic. Take it off the heat after three whistles and keep it aside. As the mix cools down, separate the liquid and mash the solid ingredients.

Next, add in the separated water, and a little more water if needed. Take note of the water levels as it can spoil the whole dish’s taste. Wash and chop the drumstick leaves and add them in along with sambar powder and salt. Boil the mixture for 15 minutes.

Once it is all done, season with chopped onion. The spicy sambar is ready!

Listen in for more…

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