Beyond Affliction: The RPD Act and Responsibilities of Educational Institutions

In this episode of Beyond Affliction, RJ Devikala speaks about The Rights of Persons with Disabilities Act, 2016, and the role of educational institutions in promoting inclusive behaviour.


The duty of every educational institution is to enrol students without any discrimination based on disabilities, and also to provide a friendly environment at the campus. This also means making accessibility arrangements.

After enrolment, the school or college should include Braille in the lectures. For students who are deaf and mute, teachers should be trained in sign language. It is the responsibility of the educational institution to provide training to the teachers.

The Act stipulates that the educational institutions conduct a survey of people with disabilities to recognise them. This survey should be repeated every five years. Education institutions should also have a resource center which should have all types of materials required by people with disabilities. For example, the resource center should have books and cassettes related to Braille, assertive technology like laptops, audios, and more.

Listen in for more…


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