Kasa Shramika Parisara Rakshaka: Mohammed Imran’s DWCC has Suffered Theft and Arson

43878855_296301584310014_5663968583793770496_nIn this episode of Kasa Shramika Parisara Rakshaka, RJ Usha speaks to Mohammed Imran, who runs a DWCC in ward no. 123. He has previous experience of working in the recycling sector and shifted to waste collection after witnessing losses in the former.

He was introduced to Hasirudala NGO by a friend and after attending a few meetings with the team, took up the DWCC management. Every day, less than one tonne of dry waste is collected here as the area the center is located in is roughly 20% residential and 80% slum. When he goes door-to-door to collect waste in the slum area, the residents give him mixed waste; he also finds it tough to navigate his vehicle in the narrow lanes here. The waste is segregated and the different types are sent for recycling to different companies.


Mohd. Imran’s payment at the DWCC is currently pending. He has received a loan as support from Hasirudala. His center is small and is located under the metro bridge on the main road. Theft has happened at the centre in the past and a few people have also set fire to the center. An order has been issued to him by the higher authorities that no waste should be found lying in front of the center as vehicles of government officials will be moving on the main road.

Listen in for more…



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