Ghaneteya Dudimegagi Navu Manushyaru with Sujatha – “I Feel the Happiest at Swati Manae”

Sujatha works as an outreach worker. In this episode, she shares her journey of joining Swathi Manae.


She had been introduced to the job by an acquaintance. “I am proud of Swathi Manae as it is supporting and guiding sex workers in so many ways. The team gives them information on condoms and how HIV can be prevented. It helps them save money out of their earnings. It has provided them a space to stay and relax in the day.” She also mentions that although she has many friends and relatives, she feels the happiest and the most relaxed when she is at Swathi Manae.

Sujatha has also brought other women to the NGO and helped them save money. She has also taken a loan to support her children’s education. “Women enter the sex work field for various reasons but people often view their work in prejudiced ways. Even I had mixed feelings when I had first interacted with them, but after getting to know them personally, my opinions have changed.” Swathi Manae helps sex workers tackle legal issues as well.

Listen in for more…

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