Eco Talk with Environmentalist Vijay Nishanth: Bengaluru’s Traffic Congestion Troubles

In this episode of Eco Talk, Vijay Nishanth, an environmentalist, speaks about the recent report titled, ‘Mobility and Congestion in Urban India’, published by US-based National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER) which found Bengaluru to be the most congested city in the country, followed by Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, and Kolkata.


“The causes include roads being too narrow and apartments popping up like mushrooms with no basic facilities present in them. People in the city spend a lot of their time navigating the traffic. Bangalore is a developed city and most of the people who shift here do so for a better living. Other places in the state of Karnataka should also be developed on equal grounds so that the population can be balanced out.”

Vijay also mentions plans that are in place for the extension of the Banerghatta National Park and how wrong it is that people have started acquiring animal habitats for private use as well.

The report further found that Bengaluru was the second slowest city in terms of traffic speeds, only behind Kolkata.

Listen in for more…

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