Sahaya Single Window: Karnataka State Government Schemes that Support Community Growth

42200823_10156588457628764_828808948734754816_nIn this episode of Sahaya Single Window (Katta Kadeya Dhwani), Sowbhagya from the Women and Child Development Department speaks about the social schemes that benefit different communities.

Dhanashree Schemes are for PLHIV members and Chetana Schemes are for sex workers. Discussions with the Government about making the Dhanashree Scheme a fully subsidised scheme are currently in progress; right now, the scheme’s corpus is Rs. 50,000, half of which has to be paid off by the PLHIV. The community members are often unable to repay this amount and in case of a passing, the amount may remain a default.

Chetana Scheme benefits sexual minorities, sex workers, the MSM communities, and the transgender community. The repayment plan of the Dhanashree Scheme applies to the Chetana Scheme as well, the only difference being that they have to come through organisations and not individually. The department has also stated that Rs. 10 lakh will be provided to any SHG group at the district level willing to start a canteen business. Under this scheme, there is no need to repay the amount but the business must be started and run successfully.

For the Devadasi community living in 14 districts of the state, the department has formulated the Masasana Scheme. The Karnataka Hanakasu Marukatae Nigama will pay 10% of the interest for this community because they want to support their growth.

The Mathru Poorna Vandana Garbini Stree is for the welfare of pregnant women. Under this program, they can get meals at Anganwadis until the delivery. Also, Rs. 6,000 is provided after the birth of the child, after all the relevant documents have been submitted properly – the income certificate, BPL card, Aadhar card, and caste certificate with living certificate are essential here. Anyone who wants to apply can go via organisations for easy processing.

Listen in for more…


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