Active Bangalore with RJ Beula and Performer Avantika Bahl Goyal – ‘Say, What?’ Bends the Rules of Communication


“There are really no characters in the performance. In 2016, I had started learning the Indian Sign Language and I found that there are many parallels between sign language and movement given that both are embodied in nature.” Avantika Bahl Goyal is speaking about ‘Say, What?’, an upcoming performance she has choreographed and will perform with her collaborator, Vishal Sarvaiya. Executive produced by Bengaluru-based Sandbox Collective, the performance attempts to reimagine and amalgamate communication and movement.


Avantika and Vishal worked on this project for a year and use sign language as a “point of entry”. Since 2017, the team has performed in front of audiences in multiple Indian cities, with November 24th, 2018 at Shoonya – Centre for Art and Somatic Practices marking their first such show in Bangalore.

Listen in for more!

More details of the event are here:


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