Active Cooking: Bottle Gourd Subzi is Perfect Food for Lactating Mothers

In this episode of Active Cooking, Beula Anthony, Office Manager at Radio Active CR 90.4 MHz shares a favourite recipe.


Mother to a three-year-old, she recalls her post-pregnancy days and the diet she had followed then. “Post-delivery, everyone wants the baby to get enough breast milk, so the mothers are provided with different food items like sugarcane juice, fried mushrooms and Bottle Gourd Subzi to improve milk production. I was also given crab fry and dry fruits for good health.”

Following is Beula’s favoured recipe for Bottle Gourd.


Bottle Gourd


First, chop the Bottle Gourd and boil the pieces for about ten minutes. Then fry the onion pieces and chillies and add in the Bottle Gourd pieces. Add salt as per taste. The tasty Bottle Gourd Subzi is now ready!


Listen in…

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