Balya Amulya with RJ Vijaya: Understanding Adolescent Behaviour

In this episode of Balya Amulya, RJ Vijaya is in conversation with Nagasimha about the life problems faced by adolescent children.


As per the 2011 Indian survey, 40% of the children in the country were shown to be adolescents and as per the 2012 survey, the statistic stood at 39%. Essentially, they constitute a large percentage of the overall population.


Generally, the behaviour patterns of adolescents differ depending on the region they hail from. They will always be curious and active about exploring new things. “They will also be artistic and show pronounced leadership qualities. They will be up for all types of work and get involved in everything possible. One will also notice a volatile mix of emotions among them, like anger and happiness.” A few reports have shown that the rate of suicides and suicidal thoughts in this age group is high. “It is easy to misunderstand adolescents depending on their behaviour. As elders, it is our responsibility to sit and talk to them and guide them in all aspects.”

Listen in for more…


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