Eco Talk with RJ Vijaya and Vijay Nishanth: The Unending Wonders of the Western and the Eastern Ghats

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In this episode of Eco Talk, RJ Vijaya is in conversation with Vijay Nishanth who speaks about the Western Ghats and the Eastern Ghats.
At a young age, Vijay developed a deep love for the environment and always found ways to travel to natural spots. Once, he was taken to the Bannerghatta National Park and fell in love with the animals there. During his engineering days, he travelled extensively and was first introduced to the beauty of the Western Ghats and the Eastern Ghats. He was part of a club called BMIT whose members travelled regularly to surrounding forest areas. In this interview, he also mentions his visit to Kerala and how wetlands are maintained there. “To better understand biodiversity, I used to travel a lot and I came across the Western Ghats where I was exposed to wetlands, insects, animals, different types of flowers and many more natural wonders. I have travelled across Chikmagalur and visited places where the biodiversity is being carefully maintained at coffee estates.”
Vijay has also travelled to Nagala in the Eastern Ghats. “The Western Ghats have existed since much before the Eastern Ghats. In the Eastern Ghats, trees grow wherever possible, like in between rocks, on the rocks, and in slippery areas. Trees grow very tall here and the density of mango trees is high. To survive in these forests, I used to carry ready-to-eat food which can be boiled in water.”
Listen in for more!


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