The Art Show: Art is the Path to Happiness and Peace

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Arun Sreenivasan is a Dance Teacher at Jain University. Since his childhood, he has nurtured an interest in dance, starting with private classes and finally completing a Masters in the subject. Simultaneously with his teaching, he is pursuing a Ph.D. in Dance. “My sense of responsibility is high while teaching students. Initially, not many would take up the course in Dance, but now as awareness has increased, people think that having a degree or Masters in the subject is good. At Jain University, an MA in Dance provides a proper base for a student; they have to attend sessions as part of the course and finish many assignments. A few people are from different backgrounds, but they come forward to learn with a lot of interest.”

Arun Sreenivasan says that he likes all forms of dance, but classical and western forms take the top spot. He also shares details about his initial days of performing. “We must have that inner interest to be able to feel truly happy. That satisfaction is more important than anything else. Art is one of the most important parts of the Indian tradition and it’s growing very well these days.”
Dr. Arti Rao has been a student of music since she was five. She had never thought she will take up music as her profession. “I worked in the IT field but I didn’t find any happiness. So, with the help of my family’s love and respect, I did an MA and a Ph.D. in Music. I am also into research.”
Dr. Arti Rao says that music provides happiness and satisfaction to both the singers and the listeners. “Everyone should listen to some or the other form of music. I recall one instance when one of the participants at a show had said that they didn’t know much about music but that they had liked my performance. This form is a source of happiness.”
Uday Kiran says that music is his “breath”. His family background and him being from Mysore influenced his choice of the profession. His family’s support and encouragement led him to play the harmonium from the age of three. Later, he got his MA in Music from the Mysore University. He also got his Ph.D. from the Mysore University. “Other than the qualifications, music makes a person complete.” He recalls his childhood neighbours and the postman stopping by to listen to his music. “When we indulge ourselves in art, it takes us to a different level and helps us grow.”
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