CFAR Sahaya Single Window – Labour Cards are Essential, but are Being Misused by Non-Labourers

42200823_10156588457628764_828808948734754816_nIn this episode, Manjula and Hedge speak about the Labour Card.

Electricians, Carpenters, Construction Workers and many others are considered labourers. They all come under the Labour Department and there are funds available in the department to support their children’s weddings and education, recovery from accidents at the workplace, and many other needs. But these funds are not being used properly and most of the funds are going back to the Government. People who don’t come under the Labour department have been forging the Labour Card and misusing the funds.

To get a Labour Card, one should pay Rs 70, of which Rs 50 will go for the card and Rs 20 for the Union number. Many of the labourers don’t even know how to use these Labour Cards.

A couple with two children can receive Rs 50,000 for their children’s wedding. For their education, the amount will be provided in the name of scholarships and it varies as per the education level. If any accident happens at the workplace then they will receive an appropriate compensation amount. For pregnant women, a three-month-long paid leave will be granted by the Labour Union.

This card needs to be renewed every year. “If anyone wants a Labour Card, the application forms are available at the CFAR office or at the Labour Union office. Through this card, all benefits can be provided to labourers. All the funds will be given out only after cross-checking all documents to prove that they are indeed labourers.” Hegde requests everyone to not lie and misuse the Labour Card process.

Listen in…

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