Sahaya Single Window – Government Schemes that Support Education

42200823_10156588457628764_828808948734754816_nIn this radio interaction, Shylaja from the Social Welfare Department speaks about Government schemes available for education. There are 27 free Morarji Desai Schools being run by the Department into which children from very poor backgrounds can enrol with the help of necessary documents like income certificate, caste certificate, Aadhar card, and bank account details.

Metric Poorva Vidyanilaya is a free educational system for children who have to travel long distances from villages. To support children for their education, from 1st to 7th grade, from 8th to 10th grade, from first PU to second PU, and for higher education, different scholarships are available. Children can apply for these scholarships through their schools and if the schools don’t agree, then they can apply online as well. One such facility provides a three-month tailoring training, with Rs 750 being provided every month for expenses; a sewing machine could also be providesd later.

Under the Ganga Kalyana Yojanae, a subsidy is available for people who have land as property to dig a borewell.

It is important to understand that many facilities are available but success depends on learning how to utilise them. These schemes benefit those from disadvantaged backgrounds the most.

Listen in for more…

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